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Quietly Awesome at our core


Pillar Properties was recently named to the list of Seattle Business Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, ranking #12 in the mid-size business category.  This is a terrific honor for our company and it was great fun for our team to celebrate this accomplishment.   

As I think about this award and what it means, it brings me to the core of what Pillar Properties is all about.  As a young, fast growing company we rely on our team members to develop our culture.  It's my job to set the direction but they are the ones who bring our values to life every day.   When we started Pillar Properties a little over seven years ago, we had the opportunity to determine our mission.  As part of a long-time family company with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest, we knew we wanted to make a lasting impact on the communities where we operate.  We set out to do things a little differently, seeking to disrupt the status quo in an otherwise established industry through our culture-first approach.  We call it being Quietly Awesome and it is at the core of everything we do.

What initially started as our vision for delivering an ideal customer service experience quickly evolved to play an influential role throughout Pillar Properties; “Quietly Awesome at all levels, across all aspects of our business and with every engagement.” Ultimately, our ability to execute on this vision starts with the team members we hire and extends to every level of our business.   We knew early on that team members who understood this and embraced it were the people we wanted on our team.  And we were right.  Quietly Awesome is our guiding light.  The development team, the Seattle support team and the people who work in our seven apartment properties are focused on ensuring every engagement at every level of the organization meets that high bar.  This focus drives our culture and team members are clear on expectations from the very beginning. 

We celebrate Quietly Awesome moments and our team members encourage each other to excel, bringing a feeling of comradery and shared purpose. I believe that is why our team members enjoy working at Pillar Properties and that is why we are ranked on the Best Companies list.  It makes me incredibly proud for our team to achieve this recognition but the credit is all due to our team who make it happen every day.