Our History

Our commitment comes from the deep roots of our family company.  Our founder, Richard Dwight (R.D.) Merrill moved to the Pacific Northwest in the 1890's to establish timber holdings. His respect for people and place was striking, as a matter of principle he offered accommodations and working conditions that were far superior to those of any other timber employer at the time. He was an innovator - the first to practice sustainable forestry, replanting seedlings to grow as much as he cut - creating a sustainable source of business growth as a result.

At Pillar Properties we carry on our founder's tradition today.  Our commitment is to our team members and the residents who live in our world class properties in the Puget Sound area.  

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Charlie Wright, Company Chairman
4th Generation Merrill Family Member

R.D. Merrill's clarity of vision and business acumen transferred naturally to the next generations of Merrill descendants, who diversified their business interests. Today, company chairman Charlie Wright, a fourth generation Merrill family member, continues the legacy set by his great grandfather. From the company's pioneering beginnings in the timber industry, to the remarkable success of Pillar Properties and sister company Merrill Gardens, the R.D. Merrill Company remains a strong, family-owned enterprise with a deep commitment to the Pacific Northwest.


Richard Dwight (R.D.) Merrill, Founder


Photo of RD Merrill