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Recognizing Our Quietly Awesome Team


Each year we take the time to recognize the outstanding team members who make Pillar Properties such a special place to live and work.  These are people who are dedicated to our customer service commitment and show that every day by providing a Quietly Awesome experience at every level of engagement.  Honoring these team members is one of the highlights of the year for all of us because we know that the people who work for us are the key to our continued success.

We presented five team members with awards this year and while we think everyone who works at Pillar Properties is exceptional, these are five people who go above and beyond in making a real difference for our company.  Our Quietly Awesome Award winners exemplify our company mission and make a true impact in the lives of our residents every day.  

 Sidneigh Barks, Assistant Property Manager at The Lyric (below right with Senior Vice President Diana Norbury).

Muzaffar Ahmad, Maintenance Supervisor at Stadium Place (below left with Senior Vice President Scott Haines).

Kalen von Olnhausen, Senior Network Administrator at the Seattle Office (below left with President Billy Pettit).

We also recognized two team members as winners of our E.P.I.C. Award.  This is the granddaddy of all our awards, E.P.I.C stands for Excellence, Passion, Innovation and Commitment - and these team members live that every day.  The E.P.I.C. Award winners are: 

Matt Stibbs, Property Manager at Stadium Place (below right with Senior Vice President Diana Norbury).

Amanda Needham, Senior Project Coordinator at the Seattle Office (below with President Billy Pettit, far left, Senior Vice Presidents Scott Haines and Diana Norbury). 

Each of these winners also received a cash incentive along with their award. In addition, the E.P.I.C Award winners get to select a charitable organization for the company to support this year through our Pillar Passions program.

We want to congratulate these amazing team members and thank them for their efforts on behalf of Pillar Properties. We are so proud to honor them with this much deserved recognition!